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I’m a happy mom of three boys: Emmett, Wyatt, and Beckett – so I’ve been where you are three times.

My first labor and delivery was traditional – a good experience, though not quite what I had planned for.

My second was an out of hospital water birth. Water is said to be nature’s epidural, and it’s true: As soon as I climbed into the tub, I felt my body relax and shortly afterward, I had my baby.

We had our third child in the comfort of our home. It was empowering knowing I could give birth outside of a medical facility.  It was so nice to crawl into my own bed and eat my own food after birth.

It was at Authentic Birth Center where I had my second child that I fell in love with everything birth-related. I’m a caregiver by nature – I’d been trained and worked as a veterinary technician – and I knew right then and there that the experience of caring for women before and during birth was my calling.

I trained as a labor doula with DONA International, the world’s largest doula training and certifying organization. I surrounded myself with all the information and experiences I could. I was hired as a staff doula at the Columbia Center Birth Hospital in Mequon.

Since then, I’ve attended more than 30 births both in and out of the hospital.

This is how Holding Space was born.

“The birth process is likely to be the most intense experience a woman will ever go through. With the right support and mindset, you can have an amazing birth experience – perhaps the most empowering experience of your life.”